Yokohama Station West Exit 8minutes
OPEN10:00 CLOSE27:00 Open Year round
Come after making a reservation before the visit by all means more than 30 minutes ago!
Do not come suddenly in front of a shop!
●A photograph visit and the place reconnaissance refuse to come to the store
●The guy having weak guy who does not pay money after entering a room and manner to reduce the price, and to need is visit refusal
●Do not use a number and a hygiene telephone and the international call carrying that 《+~》 begins in
There are many shops to refuse because a foreigner has too bad Japanese manner. Read systems of the homepages carefully

System & Reception,
Desk Way of The Reservation

1.The staff is not good at English, but guides you only over a telephone. 2.Have an electric talk in a shop; is the guidance by the email to hear LINE ID.

The course that is not available.
I do not know who waits on customers.
60 minute 15,000yen
80 minute 20,000yen
The cast who can wait on customers
(nazuna' noemi' mari' nanari' tamashiro' honoka)
100 minute 25,000yen
120 minute 30,000yen
The plastic credit is not made. Only cash of the Japanese Yen is advance payment. A change cannot cancel it. Can you follow a system and the rule? Japan is a legal shop The ill-mannered person reports it to the police. Please follow a Japanese rule. The discounts after it becomes the amount of money announcing beforehand and meets are not possible. I refuse the visit by the drinking Pirating and the violent act are no use. The payment only as for the cash. Japan is culture to take communication by payment of the cash. And there is the meaning avoiding a trouble and a risk, too. He/she pays only cash in a meaning that there be an edge in the other party that there is an offertory box and throws it into a temple in Japan. As for the delivery, at-home confirmation is necessary for the place to go only in Yokohama-shi.

A by all means case without cash.... Delivery from our store to the far-off place.... I can use the credit card of mention for order.

■Plastic credit impossibility

It is impossible of use of credit card of the foreigner!
Only as for the cash

2023/12/24 10:01:47
There was a vicious credit card fraud
I had a vicious credit card fraud
The person doing fraud is released

Reception Desk Place Map

I make a reservation on that day. An international call, An hygiene telephone, no use. A reservation is necessary beforehand. At first place confirm the place of the shop from the HP of our store. The waiting on customers becomes the apartment type. In Google MAP, please confirm the following places. 10-27, yokohama-shi,kanagawa-ku, daimachi. The shop becomes the apartment type. The person made an appointment with beforehand guides you on the telephone to a playroom from the place of the map. There are many troubles that the foreigner does not follow a system and a rule and does not understand! I understand a system and a rate and a guidance page properly, and, please follow a manner

Come to the store surely at the time when you made a reservation. The manner that the tardy is bad in Japan!


There is no chest, and there is not the host. Because you guide the big trans gender with a penis of the chest in beautiful women, please be idle in peace. There are many troubles that the foreigner does not follow a system and a rule and does not understand! I understand a system and a rate and a guidance page properly, and, please follow a manner.

Big chest, big buttocks, gentle straightness, former entertainer.

(name) nazuna
(origin of a name) Spring flower
(one's birthplace) Japan Tokyo
(attendance) AM10:00-next day AM27:00
I do not take a rest every day
(Physical state) There is the chest&dick
(Pride play) It is held intensely & Hot blowjob & Shut anal
(Dislike play) The man who does not move at all &Woman's disguise and the visitor who made up man
(Favorite man) Bigpenis&Hunk&Mustache of the full-faced
(The No1 best sexual intercourse experience) It was violated in a waiting room with a K-1 martial art player being accompanied by a lot of sweat just after a game



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